Chinook Renovation


All attached by screws and sealant

  • I picked up mineral spirits and a scraper at Home Depot and started to work on getting the old, crusted sealant off of the roof. The job was easier than expected and very satisfying.

  • I cut out a cardboard template the size of my proposed solar panel and set it on the roof. There will be a 2 inch overhang on the lateral side of the panel. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.

  • I spoke with Roger at AM Solar to design a solar system. He was very informative. I didn’t realize the refrigerator would be drawing so many amps even while running in propane mode. The CO monitor and smoke detectors will be drawing 24 hours. He thinks I can get away with 2-100W panels but thought I should go back to my cardboard templates to see if I could fit another 100W panel on the roof. There is a smaller 100W panel (more expensive) that might facilitate a third panel. Looks like I need to cut another (smaller) template and play around with the positioning. I’m not sold on the third panel but I’d like to look at all options.

  • Roger also explained that some MPPT solar chargers discharge radio interference that might adversely affect my plans for a ham radio install. There may be ways to shield the charger or use distance to my advantage. I might get the radio and play around with it after the solar system is installed. If all else fails, I could set the radio up as a mobile station in a box. While I’m not much of a survivalist, after living through Hurricane Katrina I recognize the importance of “low tech” communication in a disaster situation.