Bend to Astoria with a Bang

*posted by Robin*

Shipped out of Bend today with T’Chat (a.k.a. MonkeyShines) and two bikes on the front of the renovated Chinook (Thanks Ross!).
Arrived in Astoria, Oregon with NO bikes on the front, after getting in a fender-bender in Warm Springs.

It was the best car accident I’ve ever had (and my first car accident since 1987, thank goodness). The car in front of me stopped suddenly at an intersection. I was going the speed limit and had a good bit of distance between us, but couldn’t quite keep from tapping his bumper with our bikes. There was a chain reaction to the RIGHT of us in the turn lane where 2 other cars collided (don’t know why).

SO much good luck:
1) no one was injured
2) no major damage on any vehicle
3) a Warm Springs policeman witnessed the whole thing.
4) he said it was simple chain-reaction, no speeding or mistakes, therefore no tickets issued.
5) One of our bikes was tossed on the ground, but had NO damage. The bike rack is a goner (bent up) but Ross wanted to get a different rack anyway.
6) The Warm Springs policemen and EMS were so efficient, we were back on our way to Astoria in under 30 minutes.

I am so grateful there were no injuries. It was a big reminder how swiftly life can take a nosedive. I was pleased that I didn’t freak out, felt very calm through the whole experience, although I did let Ross take over the driving afterwards.

It was a beautiful day for a drive, and we had spectacular views of Mt. Hood.

T’Chat was her usual traveling self. Every single trip she vomits, but only once and usually about ½ hour into the trip. She did her ritual vomit around Madras and we had the cleanup supplies standing by. Once that’s out of her system, she’s a trouper. She goes from lap to lap, watching out the windows and napping. She won’t get carsick again on this whole adventure, if she is true to form. Once she gets it out of her system, she is Road-Worthy.

We landed safely in Lewis and Clark Golf and RV Park. Our site pulls up to a golf range. T’Chat was already begging us to let her go hit some balls. Dinner was margaritas, tamales and chile rellenos at our favorite traditional Mexican restaurant here in Astoria: Cabaña de Raya.

It is drizzly and overcast in Astoria…but after our experience here this past spring we expected nothing less. (There is a reason everything here is so lush and beautiful.)