Chinook Renovation

  • I finished cutting the carpet out and focused on removing the edging and cutting close to the areas near the closets. This is tedious work.

  • Feeling the need to clean my canvas, I vacuumed up the Chinook with my new mini-shop vacuum.

  • Removing the dinette revealed 2-3 inch seat belt bolts attaching the seat belts securely to the chassis. S showed me how cut the seat belt bolts off with a grinder. Sparks were flying. Satisfying.

  • After cutting cardboard templates, S and I cut down the mini wall to fit the little wall next to the stove. Previously, the wall stuck out another foot into the hallway area. This opened up the space a bunch.

  • I guess the theme of this renovation thus far has been to open the space up. Frankly, while the dinette seats 4 people, I can’t image too often having 4 people in the Chinook. And that’s why it had to go.