Chinook Renovation

  • S has agreed to let us “rent” space on his property to store the Chinook. He even offered to put it in his RV garage over the winter while I work on it. Big bonus and thanks to S.

  • My first act of courage: I removed the jackknife sofa bed. The sofa frame is attached to the floor and the bolts and nuts had rusted underneath the Chinook, thus complicating the removal of the bed frame. I watched some YouTube videos on removing rusted bolts and tried what I could. After nearly busting a nut straining to unscrew the rusted bolt, I think I’m going to need a nut splitter.

  • Underneath the sofa is the water tank, the water pump, and the hot water heater. I’m going to remove the water tank and water pump so that I could tear out all the carpet which was installed below.

  • I’m heading to Astoria, OR for two weeks of work so the project will be on pause for a bit.