Click, click, click. There's no place like home.

Daily Summary

  • May 19

  • Day 37

  • Start Fallen Leaf Campground in South Lake Tahoe, CA

  • Finish Home in Bend, OR

  • Today’s Miles 448.2

  • Trip Time 10:16:32

  • Moving Average 55.4 mph

  • Speed Max 73.3 mph

  • Time Moving 08:33:27

  • Odometer 2510.7


  • Once we make up our mind we’re doing something, we get very focused on completing the goal. In this case, the decision to head home was the first domino to topple. And so we drove 450 miles home. And while it was a long day, we were glad to be home. We parked in the underground garage and unloaded only the essentials. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow. And then we luxuriated in our hot shower and high speed internet. And we drank a toast to ourselves.

  • The totals:

    • Adventure days: 37

    • Adventure miles: 2,511

    • Adventure memories: too many to count