Notes from Astoria, Oregon: Day 1

posted by Robin


  • Arrived in Astoria just in time for the Scandinavian Festival Pannukakku Breakfast. Pannukakku can best be described as a an eggier version of bread pudding or very close to my favorite Southern dish SPOON BREAD! A truly delicious comfort food, although the accompanying picture makes it look like burnt toast. It was served with an enormous slice of ham and the traditional Scandinavian Canned Fruit Salad in Heavy Syrup.

  • Really bummed we missed yesterday’s Running of the Trolls. Which reminded me of Troll Dolls from my youth. Why were they all naked? And what was up with that hair?!!

  • I have a farmer’s market fetish from our days as full-time RV’ers. Farmers markets around the U.S. reveal little slices of local life and culture, access to fresh produce and baked goods, and watchable dogs (my favorite part).

  • Our arrival here was timed to allow a visit to their Astoria’s Sunday Market. Astoria’s growing season is ahead of Bend’s, so I knew we were in for a treat. Sure enough…we left with a bounty of fresh greens, other veggies and fruit. Astoria has a top-notch market.

  • Spotted three different baby goats were at the market, on leashes! Are baby goats trending at farmer’s markets, or was this just Astoria? Either way…I loved seeing all the baybees.

  • Dogs at farmers markets spend most of their time peering between human legs at other the other dogs in the market.

  • Everyone’s happy at a farmer’s market.


  • I tried to get Ross in a picture with the Scandinavian Festival Queen, but he refused.

  • No local pie at the Farmer’s Market. There was some regionally produced pie, but I ain’t wasting my pietime on that.

  • Got ‘pronuncisplained’ by a persnickety male desk manager at the Cannery Pier Hotel. Went to inquire about using their sauna and he replied you mean the “SOWna?” Sure enough, there are two pronunciations of sauna. Did not know that. But his version was no more correct than mine! haha!!

  • That reminded me of the great KeFEER vs KEEEfir controversy of 2014.


  • We signed up for the Astoria Aquatic Center/Gym, which we will use during the two weeks Ross is working. My wonderful strength coach Joey texted me my workouts tonight so I can keep bulking up (hahaha!). I already miss my SuperWomen Training Group, and I want to be ready to jump back when we return.

  • Found a mini-blender for jucing at Costco. Ross tried it and it works great. We can keep our green juices going.

  • Ross removed the bent bike rack and we’ll take it to the recycling area this week.

  • Dinner was a salad leftover combo with fresh market greens and a shared Backroads Vanilla Porter.

  • We are already weeding out things we need to send home, and will end up with a box to mail by the time we leave here including shoes, hand blender, extra dishes and extra sheets.