Our Teardrop is a Poikilotherm

Daily Summary

  • Day 35

  • Start Gull Lake National Forest Campground near June Lake, CA

  • Finish Gull Lake National Forest Campground near June Lake, CA


  • So while we are enjoying the good weather at Gull Lake, 10-day forecasts are showing a large weather pattern bringing freezing temperatures and possibly snow later this week. Here’s the lowlight: this weather pattern spans from the Sierras all the way up to the Oregon Cascades. So there’s no escaping the cold. We remind ourselves that this trip was initially conceived to head south into California to ESCAPE the winter for a month or so. Oops! We have had many more cold days than warm.

  • We are declaring our trip an overwhelming success and now it’ time to wrap up. Our plan is to begin to head home to Bend arriving around Saturday.

  • Back to the highlights: pie in a jar. Who knew? We stopped at Mimi’s Cookie Bar yesterday while running errands in Mammoth Lakes. We bought a jar of Sweet Banana Caramel Cream Pie and Mammoth Mud Pie. And they were oh so good!