Ozette Lake


  • A very good evening and morning at the Ozette Lake Campground. The coffee seems especially good today. Are we hitting our stride? Today’s revelation: we will likely sell the Chinook after this travel “season” (however long that is) and here’s why:

    • the counters are too short for us. I’m in a constant state of crouch. With the stove vent in place, the crouching to cook is especially troublesome. My body’s not meant to crouch.

    • the sofa bed is very comfortable but every time the window person (Robin) has to pee at night, the aisle person (Ross) has to get up to avoid a very awkward climb over.

    • the Chinook was purchased more for the experience of owning one and renovating it. And while the renovation turned out well, we’re starting to get a sense of the “nice to haves” and “need to haves”.

  • We hiked the Ozette Loop trail (9 miles) from Ozette Lake to Cape Alava down the beach to Sand Point. On the beach we saw eagles hunting overhead and ancient petroglyphs at Wedding Rocks. We were pretty beat by the end of the hike. A good feeling.

  • We rode our bikes over to the Lost Resort for showers, beers, and sandwiches. This is a very cool place with wifi and bluegrass music — a fitting reward for an awesome morning.