Key West: Day 2

Chilled out, as one does in Key West. Although I think there was more real chill in the chilling out, as Key West is having it’s own version of a cold spell (55 degrees).

We laid low one more day. We are finishing a 4-day fast (water only for Robin ~ water and coffee for Ross), and are feeling pretty tired. Tomorrow we break the fast, and gently ease our way into Key West Cuisine. We’ve already quizzed locals on where to go for food and music that’s less touristy.“Where do YOU like to go to eat?” we ask. Looking forward to eating and music adventures in the days ahead.

Ventured out a couple of times downtown. Second time to see the movie LadyBird at the vintage and very cute Tropic Cinema in the historic area.

Key West IS open for business, by the way. The locals all tell us they are anxious for tourists to return. We can’t see much Irma damage here. They were hit less hard than Big Pine, Marathon and Islamorada Keys, and they cleaned up fast here.

Key West, Baby.

It was an 8-hour drive in pouring rain, but we are here!

Lucked into a rare 10-day camping spot at Boyd’s Key West Campground (someone must have cancelled right as we called for a reservation). I say “lucked into,” because this is the most popular Key West campground, and we hit it at the most popular time of the year. And we called at the last minute rather than making reservations months in advance.

T'Chat approves of the grass and the sand here. She is anxious to meet Hemingway’s six-toed cat descendants (who all survived Hurricane Irma, we hear).

We have no photos today. Very, very tired. Glad to be here.

Change of Plans (brrrr!)

The whole country is one frigid mass right now and our sympathies go out to our family and friends north of us. We know it’s colder where you are.

We left the Suwannee this morning and watched the temperatures DROP as we drove east in a heavy mist in northern Florida. 37…36…35…all the way down to 31 when we neared the coast.

We did a quick drive through Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island…then made an executive decision. Lets come back up here when it’s warmer. We turned the wheels and pointed south.

Tonight we are in St. Augustine tonight and we’ll be in the Florida Keys by tomorrow night or Thursday night. This is an advantage of traveling without an agenda!

Stay warm, everyone.


Short trip today and smooth sailing. We left News Orleans early, and worked out at an AF gym in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. It was more of Muscle Beach Gym (all the guys in ripped t-shirts looking at themselves in the mirror)…but clean and well-equipped. We just go in, mind our business, do our workouts, shower and leave.

We fired up the RV generater to run our blender for our green smoothie breakfast. Smoothie ingredients: Frozen blueberries 1 banana 3 T flaxseed handful walnuts (or almonds or pecans) ½ C tart cherry juice 2 tsp magnesium powder 3 T potato starch (it’s a potent prebiotic) 1/3 C plain yogurt VSL3 probiotic packet water As many greens as I can stuff in the blender (spinach, kale, dandelion, collards, beet greens, swiss chard…it doesn’t matter…but I put about 3-4 CUPS of greens).

For protein I use NAKED WHEY (Undenatured 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder, Unflavored) which I purchase online. If we don’t have the protein available we eat a couple of eggs. No, we don’t put raw or cooked eggs in the blender…we eat ‘em separately.

It actually tastes pretty good, although I’d much rather have doughnuts for breakfast.

We took Highway 90, and really enjoyed seeing the little towns of Pass Christian, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Pascagoula. You could still see damage from Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, but overall the towns seem fully rebuilt. The little towns were picturesque, and we were impressed with the long, wide white sand beaches the whole way.

We stopped at Felixes Fish Camp outside Mobile for lunch, at Ronnie and Yvette’s recommendation. Delicious crab salad (me), crab soup and oyster salad (Ross).

Landed at Big Lagoon State Park outside Pensacola for tonight. T'Chat loves it here. Lots of bugs to chase.


Lucked into a cool, sunny day here in New Orleans. Worked out in the little gym here at the French Quarter RV Resort. Decided to forgo our healthy green smoothie in favor of a decadent breakfast.

Our nephew Quentin gave us the recommendation of St. Roch’s Market. It’s an ultra cool food/coffee/bar court. He did not steer us wrong! I had chicken and waffles. Ross had Trash Grits: pulled pork and a poached egg over grits.

After breakfast we walked through the Bywater. Ross showed me St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, where he lived in the rectory during his first 2 years of Tulane Medical School (86-87). He told me some good stories of his time there.

We stopped in the sunshine and rested on a bench in Jackson Square, people watching. From there it was up to the balcony at Tableau (thanks for the recco, Louie!) for a brandy milk punch.

Rode a pedicab back to the RV for a nap and for me to nurse my stomachache from Too Much of Too Many Good Things.

Rousted ourselves for one more good meal in New Orleans…another of our all time favorites: Irene’s Cuisine. Mussels in a tomato broth for me, a whole redfish (WITH EYES) for Ross. And a lovely visit with a man and his corgi-german shepherd service dog. I wish I’d got a picture of his doggo, Wriggly.